Wonk Unit - Japanese Flag - LP

Wonk Unit - Japanese Flag - LP

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'Everything about this record has a fuck you energy about it. It was at a time of rebirth for me. I was 5 years sober, newly single and finally living my life again after years of addiction and depression. I experienced for the first time the highs of romance and promiscuity with sober eyes. It was a second adolescence. I was dumb and naive but most importantly I was happy. The blinkers were off and I was able to see all the fuck ups and horrors of the previous decade and shrug them off my shoulders. This album was a memoir, a diary, a cleansing of the soul. A freedom. Written for myself. If you wanted it, great! you could just download it from MySpace but we weren't looking for approval. The original ethos of Wonk- never asking for a gig or review. Not looking for a record deal. This was music for ourselves. If folk liked it then rad but never forcing it on anyone.
This record wouldn't get written now in 2018 and I wouldn't be naked (covered in period blood) on the front cover. I've kinda got all of that shock factor stuff out of my system. I've learned a lot in the last decade and I hope I'm a better person for it.
The songwriting on this record is probably the best I've ever done. This may sound like simple 3 chord punk but just try playing it. I'm super stoked that it's coming out on wax!!' - Alex Johnson.

1. Murderer's Shoe / 2. Mr Recovery / 3. Streets Of Soho / 4. Lucy / 5. My Nemesis / 6. St Lucian Holiday / 7. Idiotic Train Loony / 8. Thief / 9. Anna / 10. Estate Girl / 11. All Of You / 12. She Was Good / 13. Nina Simone / 14. Kathy / 15. Mistake / 16. Girlfriend Is A Lunatic