Wayne Kramer - Adult World - CD

Wayne Kramer - Adult World - CD

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"Adult World" sees Wayne emerging stronger than ever. Produced by Kramer with assistance from David Was, Terry Kirkman (ex-Association) and Jason Roberts (Cypress Hill) and featuring Syd Straw and Hellacopters, the ten tracks on "Adult World" provide proof that rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just for kids anymore.
Wayne Kramer founded the MC5 who are considered to be the prototype for not only punk rock, but also heavy metal of today. Their influence is stronger than ever and can be heard today in the music of The White Stripes, The BellRays and The Hives amongst others. 

Tracklisting: 1. Brought A Knife To The Gunfight / 2. Great Big Amp / 3. Adult World / 4. Talkin' Outta School / 5. Nelson / 6. Algren Stopped By / 7. What About Laura? / 8. Love, Fidel / 9. The Slime That Ate Cleveland / 10. Sundays In Saigon / 11. The Red Arrow