Wallis Bird - Architect - Vinyl LP+CD

Wallis Bird - Architect - Vinyl LP+CD

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With the release of her fourth album, Architect, Irish artist Wallis Bird marks another milestone in her career – a career that has been fought step by step; a career that has been built slowly but solidly, as her growing legions of fans will testify; and a career with as many ups as downs, but very few compromises. To build a house, you have to put the foundations in place first, and Architect represents the culmination of a long journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

It may sound like something from Spinal Tap that Wallis Bird lost all the fingers on one hand in a lawnmower accident as a baby, but it’s no exaggeration, and it didn’t stop her picking up a guitar as a child, flipping it upside down, and carrying on as if nothing had ever happened. Today she’s a veritable virtuoso on the instrument, and with a chuckle, she describes that fateful "lawnmower incident" as having given her "her mojo". That mojo carried her to record deals with Island and Columbia Records, several high profile awards and nominations, and tours across the world with the likes of the Gossip, ZAZ, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Billy Bragg and Emiliana Torrini.

Before her first major label signing, Bird self-released the single Blossoms in the Street. The track spent twenty weeks in the airplay charts in Germany, and grabbed the attention of Island Records who signed her almost on the spot. Through Island, she released her debut album Spoons in 2008, which hit the Top 5 digital album charts in the UK and led to her receiving the Irish Meteor Award (equivalent to a Brit Award) for Hope for 2009.

Her follow-up album, New Boots came in 2010. In Ireland it made the Top 15 in the Official Album Chart, and Bird found herself personally invited to tour all over Europe with Rodrigo y Gabriela. She also earned another Irish Meteor Award – this time for Best Irish Artist.

The self-titled third album came in 2012, and Wallis toured extensively, reaching over 30,000 people across 80 dates. International praise rolled in, culminating in a nomination for the prestigious Choice Music Prize in her native Ireland (the equivalent to the UK’s Mercury Prize) and album chart entries around the continent.

The new album Architect brings with it new influences. Having lived in London for seven years, Bird moved to Berlin to write the new album and quickly became inspired by its vibrant culture, and from dancing all night long in clubs and bars as she immersed herself in the city’s pulsating rhythms. These influences can be heard all over Architect. Collaborating once again with producer Marcus Wuest, it’s an album about becoming the architect of one’s own life; it’s about reclaiming control, shaking off the cobwebs, finding new freedom of movement and expression, and casting off the long shadows of failed relationships.