Various Artists - The Dance Band Years: The 1940s - CD

Various Artists - The Dance Band Years: The 1940s - CD

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It has been said that nothing reflects the mood of the times like their popular songs and that a certain tune can transport you back to a particular time in your life, quicker and more vividly than anything else. Surely both adages are true of the songs of World War II at least, for those of us able to remember those troubled times.For the younger listener, interested in the music of that epoch-making era, we hope that this record will give them some idea of the type of songs we sung, whistled or danced to.

This then, is just a sample of what must undoubtedly have been one of the happier aspects of that otherwise unhappy period, the music of the 1940’s. Some idea of the 'feel' of the 40s, can be gleaned from the first five tracks on 11 thru 15 of this CD, which were recorded 'Live' at an actual dance in the Locarno Ballroom, Streatham, London. 

On these tracks you can hear the murmur and shuffle of the dancers, and even notice them anticipating the vocalist by whistling and singing the lyrics of 'Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats’ and of course, the applause which is as genuine as it is spontaneous (it has not been 'dubbed-in').

Recording sessions of this kind must have been relatively rare at that time, because of the confines of the 78 RPM disc, but that is in itself the unique aspect of this album; it has not been copied from any issued 78’s and not a single track on this record has ever been issued on CD before, every one, as far as our research shows, being taken from the only known copy in each case. This then, is an original issue and will, in time no doubt become a collector‘s item.