Valley Queen - Supergiant - Vinyl LP

Valley Queen - Supergiant - Vinyl LP

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Valley Queen is Natalie Carol (vocals, guitar), Shawn Morones (guitar, vocals, keys), Neil Wogensen (bass) and Mike DeLuccia (drums) and was formed in 2015 in Los Angeles. The undeniable focus of the band is singer & guitarist Natalie Carol, who originally hails from Arkansas and whose powerful and intense voice conjures up comparisons with Florence Welch (Florence & The Machine). After the band had released two singles and their 2017 EP 'Destroyer' they started work on recording their debut album.
The 10 tracks were produced by Lewis Pesacov (Fools Gold, Best Coast etc) and captivate the listener with their raw, carefree charm. Carol's lyrics discuss personal fears and development as well as spiritual and sociopolitical subjects.
The band was recently on a five week US tour with Social Distortion, and is hoping to book own dates in Europe over the coming months.
Rolling Stone USA: 'On their debut LP, this fantastic L.A. band envelops singer Natalie Carol's bracingly afflicted, mountain vaulting dream-country yodel in scrappy, sprawling guitar poetry. Carol can evoke anyone from Grace Slick to Florence Welch to Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, giving the band's California roots sound a kind of storm clouds-over-Laurel Canyon feel.'