Urban Voodoo Machine -  Friends And Family Album Volume 1 - CD

Urban Voodoo Machine - Friends And Family Album Volume 1 - CD

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Welcome to the orphaned backstreets of East London, where a fiercely independent community of devoted musicians survives, making music for the love and the hell of it, contributing to each others projects, re-aligning magnetic fields at Space Eko East Recording Studios, and making it all real at live events such as the Gypsy Hotel Club Night, thereby offering up an alternative to soulless reality TV, corporate greed and manufactured pop acts.

The Friends And Family Album Vol.1 testifies to this underground musical movement - a selection of songs by The Urban Voodoo Machine covered and performed by friends of the band and Space Eko East, featuring over 80 musicians spanning from East London, via the USA and Canada with stopovers in Ukraine, Holland, Germany and Norway.

The artists on this album are as eclectic as eclectic and varied as The Urban Voodoo Machine's music itself, ranging from Vic Ruggiero of NYC's Ska sensation The Slackers to Canada's One Man Blues sensation Son Of Dave (ex-Crash Test Dummies), 1977 Punk legend TV Smith (The Adverts), via Jim Jones and the one and only Wilko Johnson.

1. Orphan's Lament - The Great Malark                                                                  2. Killer Sound - Jim Jones                                                                                      3. Help Me Jesus - The Future Shape Of Sound                                                      4. High Jeopardy Thing - Dr Will & The Wizards                                                    5. Bucket Of Blood - Son Of Dave                                                                            6. Rusty Water And Coffin Nails - Tigre Blanco                                                      7. Emptiness - Ledfoot                                                                                            8. Captain Of A Sinking Ship - Big Boy Bloater                                                        9. Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) - Jordan Louis & Ruki'v Bryuki              10. Can O'Worms - Fez Wrecker's Junkyard Jug Bnd                                          11. Cheers For The Tears - The Broadway Twisters                                              12. Alone In The City - Vic Ruggiero & Jory Kinjo                                                13. Goodbye To Another Year - TV Smith                                                              14. Loretta's Revenge - Katharine Blake                                                                  15. Theme From The Urban Voodoo Machine - Los Plantronics                              16. Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) - The Urban Voodoo Machine feat' Wilko Johnson                                                                                                        17. Dirty Water - The Urban Voodoo Machine feat' The Inmates' Peter Gunn & Tony Oliver