Tomasz Stanko - Freelectronic In Montreux + Too Pee - CD2

Tomasz Stanko - Freelectronic In Montreux + Too Pee - CD2

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The carefully considered compositions of Tomasz Stanko, Manfred Bründl and Michael Riessler form, so to speak, the basic for stories which first take shape in the medium of improvisation. Although coming from comparatively different 'worlds' the three musicians intuitively find ways to express common moods. And even when single pieces are organized as solo features, the overall impression is still one of the balanced harmony in which each simultaneously plays and listens, radiates ideas and receives impulses. Almost orchestral effects are sometimes created by the interplay of the completely individual brass, woodwind and string sounds.
The impression is strengthened through instrumental virtuosity, the flowing change of techniques or the tone colors, and the capability of spontaneous counterpoint. The trio has come closer to achieving the always newly reaffirmed goal of the synthesis of spontaneity and form, the Montreux recording working with electronics and synthesizer sounds.

Tracklisting: Disc 1 - Freelectronic In Montreux: 1. Lady Go / 2. Asmodeus / 3. Sunia / 4. Too Pee / 5. Switzerland. Disc 2 - Too Pee: 1. Sunia / 2. Too Pee / 3. Suite-Talk (ll) Bramblemoor, Ishi-Woo Widecombe, Sonibeams Luckey Tor / 4. Sandman / 5. Cobra / 6. Gary's Feathers / 7. The Eye Off The Harry Came / 8. Valse