The Nimmo Brothers - Coming Your Way - CD

The Nimmo Brothers - Coming Your Way - CD

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Based in Glasgow, Scotland The Nimmo Brothers are guitarists/vocalists Stevie and Alan Nimmo, along with Lindsay Coulson on bass and Dave Raeburn (ex Hoax) on drums. With a typically Glaswegian attitude towards their music, and with the incredible energy and excitement they inject into every performance, The Nimmos have in a short period of time achieved more to boast about than most. They have been chosen to support many leading names and played at major festivals including Colne, Burnley, Maryport, Monaghan, Dublin, Castlebar, Enniscorthy, Edinburgh, Leith, Glasgow and Dundee, as well as Kwadendamme and Bospop in Holland. Live sessions for the BBC and Dutch television have also been recorded.
The Nimmo Brothers continue to grow in stature touring all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Never failing to impress audience after audience with their musically stunning and electrifying stage show.
Demand for The Nimmo Brothers is stronger than ever and without doubt they are one of the best young bands on the circuit today.
Coming Your Way is the 2001 debut release from The Nimmo Brothers.