The Doobie Brothers - Live In 1975 - CD

The Doobie Brothers - Live In 1975 - CD

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The Doobie Brothers were riding high on the pop charts when this show was captured in Memphis, Tennessee in October 1975. The show was recorded shortly after the departure of founding member and singer/guitarist Tom Johnston, who was forced to leave the band and was replaced by the then-unknown Michael McDonald. Although this is a condensed set, all but one of the eight songs featured here had been a radio hit for the Bay Area-based rock band, but it's classic, vintage DB who are backed up the formidable Memphis Horns!
TimeLine proudly presents, the Doobie Brothers live from Memphis Tennessee on 31st October 1975. A superb, professionally remastered King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast, presented with background liners and timeline photos.

1. King Biscuit Intro/Jesus Is Just Alright / 2. Rockin' Down The Highway / 3. Road Angel / 4. South City Midnight Lady / 5. Eyes Of Silver / 6. Black Water / 7. Long Train Runnin' / 8. China Grove / 9. Without You