Terry Reid - Live In London - 2CD

Terry Reid - Live In London - 2CD

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Born in Britain but now resident in the USA, Terry Reid has returned annually to London to play a residency at Ronnie Scott's. Putting together a crack band, Terry has performed two hour plus sets that have delighted his audience and also Terry, who says of Ronnie's: "The room has a special quality that allows me to talk to you as if you were in my own front room,where one conversation leads into another. That, I suppose is how I end up playing for over two hours. I must be honest when I say I treasure these moments I spend with you and the kindness you show me."

"Live In London" is the fourteen track result from one of these performances. It is our privilege to hear Terry and his band perform these songs, (eleven written by Terry and three covers) spread over two cds. They capture Terry (nicknamed Super Lungs) as he takes a journey through an emotional landscape that starts with "The Frame" and passes along the way "Rain In The Red Lights," his best known song "River," a version of Brian Wilson's "Don't Worry Baby" and culminates in a two song finish,"Seed of Memory" and "Don't Know Why." "When I listened back to the recording of the performance it seemed that the years came rushing together," says Terry.
"Live In London" captures a unique performer and his band as they deliver a set of songs that allow them to stretch out and improvise or keep to tight arrangements all the while performing at the tops of their game. Though a contemporary recording, this album harks back to an earlier time when performers had a freer reign on their talents and Terry an amazing singer and raconteur takes full advantage of the space that his rapt audience and the intimate atmosphere generated at Ronnie's grants him.