Steve Howe - Motif Vol. 1 - CD

Steve Howe - Motif Vol. 1 - CD

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"'Motif' Volume 1, is the first part of a collection that will cover all my solo 'one man' guitar tunes. Several solos have premiered on group CD's or live CD's. There seemed no place to go to reference this most enjoyable aspect of my work. These tunes have become my exclusive repertoire, allowing my writing a long leash, arranging opportunities, and the pick of any tune that I want to interpret.

I recorded the Gretsch guitar tracks in 2005, then the others in 2007, once I'd realised the calling. This was to build up a complete overview of my solo guitar music, afresh in the studio.

I've occasionally changed the style of guitar used on previously released tunes, and recorded the first studio versions of others. For these, along with four new pieces plus Trambone, by Chet Atkins, I utilize 9 different guitars: 2 electrics, 3 folk guitars, 2 spanish guitars, a 12 string and a dobro slide guitar. All are solo performances, no overdubs." - Steve Howe, from his liner notes.