Starsha Lee - Love Is Superficial - 12 EP Vinyl

Starsha Lee - Love Is Superficial - 12 EP Vinyl

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Dark, infectious and filled with raw drama, this new collection of songs capture the sound of Starsha Lee perfectly. Intense, but joyous and strangely uplifting, this record is truly exciting and comes across unlike anything else around right now.
Not for the faint of heart, the multi-talented Starsha Lee is a visual artist from Portugal who sings and performs with total conviction and a ferocious energy. During her relatively short time based in London, she has already developed a reputation among the capital's gig goers as a unique and exhilarating performer that demands the utmost attention. The live shows have seen her pick up public acclaim together with much critical praise.

Side A: 1. Love Is Superficial / 2. Post Modern / 3. People Are Horrible / 4. You're Not Enough. Side B: 1. Existential Error / 2. Life's Off Beat / 3. Godless Me