Silverthorne - Tear The Sky Wide Open - CD EP

Silverthorne - Tear The Sky Wide Open - CD EP

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A 5-track digi-pak EP featuring the crooning powerhouse vocals and guitar of Peter Shoulder and drummer Brian Tichy, who has played with everyone from Whitesnake, Ozzy, Slash, Billy Idol, Foreigner and many more. The trio Silverthorne are like QOTSA and Soundgarden hanging at a Led Zeppelin concert with Free and Cream opening.
With its ominous riffs, huge chorus, driving bass, weighty drums and a groove that evokes the vast expanse of the Southern California canyons from where the band was born, Tear The Sky Wide Open has already got fans salivating.
With influences ranging from deep blues to hard rock, and acoustic folk to metal, this is music that tips its hat to the classic rock bands of yesteryear as well as looking firmly to the future.