Richard Rozze - Learning How To Fly - CD

Richard Rozze - Learning How To Fly - CD

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Learning To Fly’ is the debut album of guitarist and composer Richard Rozze. With jazz at the heart, the album embraces elements of blues and Americana. The album presents a journey through melodic, epic landscapes and intimate, freely improvised moments.

‘’Richard Rozze is an artist who has successfully forged a unique approach to his playing and compositions. He glides effortlessly through multi-genre worlds, his solos flawlessly committed to his surroundings’’ - (Paul Booth – saxophonist with the Steve Winwood Band).

With a world-class band of Paul Booth (saxophone), Andrew Bain (drums), Malcolm Edmonstone (piano) and Dave Whitford (double bass), ‘Learning To Fly’ showcases Richard’s unique versatility as guitarist, composer and arranger.