Queen - News Of The World - Astrella T Shirt & Download

Queen - News Of The World - Astrella T Shirt & Download

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Awesome dark red 100% organic cotton Queen "News of the World" t-shirt.

MUSICAL T’s™ is a hybrid of fashion, music, art, design, technology, and philanthropy to create an entirely unique, multi-faceted clothing experience. It is the marriage of the physical and digital. Astrella, daughter to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Donovan, created this collection of lavish t-shirts based on iconic album artwork from the spotlighted artists.

Working with 100% organic fabrics and lovingly handmade in Hollywood, C.A., the collection re-imagines iconic album artwork, while simultaneously allowing consumers to download the full album associated with the t-shirt design by scanning the digital gate (NFC or QR Code) and opting in with a unique PIN provided at purchase.

After purchasing a t-shirt, the consumer is free to stream associated album tracks with no additional fee via their mobile device, while simultaneously opening up an entire musical experience online. Purchasing a shirt not only gives the wearer the ability to engage with the album the shirt represents, but also to explore exclusive material from the record online including videos, photos, memorabilia, interviews, and more. This content is available exclusively to those who purchase the shirts and download the album.