Pizza Tramp - Blowing Chunks - CD

Pizza Tramp - Blowing Chunks - CD

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Horrible old skool three chord three piece skate punk thrash band straight off the mean streets of South Wales UK. Formed at the end of 2014, and specializing in one minute blasts of horrible punk noise, they will be appearing in a toilet near you soon, so go and fucking watch them. Or book them for beer and fuel money.

An actual album in a proper case, with booklet and stuff. And wicked artwork. Songs are pretty good too.

1. CCTV / 2. Slick Witch / 3. Pollyticks / 4. Two Dogs Six Legs / 5. Fuck 'Em Heavy / 6. Pizza Slut / 7. Town Clown / 8. Scumbag Boogie / 9. Queen Of Ringland / 10. Nunchucks Of Hell / 11. Blowing Chunks / 12. Piss Smasher / 13. Three Kills You're Out / 14. Choruses Are For Cunts