Peter Brotzmann/Bill Laswell - Low Life/Last Exit - CD

Peter Brotzmann/Bill Laswell - Low Life/Last Exit - CD

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'Set loose at last, Last Exit is a record of extraordinary power and concision. It is a lexicon of lightning, making improvisation vivid in
jagged, flashing, flaring outbursts. The group's lustral, emotion-loaded music - and indeed, the savage volume level at which it is administered - rules out neutral fence-sitting. You're either for these musicians and the directions they represent, or against them, it seems to me. Indifference is not an option.' - Steve Lake.
'Low Life' features Peter Brotzmann (bass saxophone) & Bill Laswell (electric basses).
'Last Exit' features Peter Brotzmann (tenor sax); Sonny Sharrock (guitar); Bill Laswell (6 string bass); Shannon Jackson (drums, voice).

Tracklisting: Low Life: 1. Death Rattle / 2. Low Life / 3. Disengage / 4. Locomotive / 5. Wheeling Vultures / 6. Curved Dog / 7. Abasement / 8.
Land One / 9. Tingle Hairs / 10. The Last Detective. Last Exit: 11. Hard School / 12. Brain Damage / 13. Last Call / 14. Dark Heart