Nightblade - Ignorance Is Bliss - CD

Nightblade - Ignorance Is Bliss - CD

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Nightblade are back, refreshed, revised and re-energised, so prepare for a rock 'n' roll overture! 'Ignorance Is Bliss' is the third studio album from the Midlands-based band, returning with a formidable new line-up and a fluid alternative rock sound that takes in their 80's routes blended with the modern stylings of bands such as Alterbridge and Shindedown to produce a hard, fresh sound.
Co-founder Mark Crosby says 'Ignorance Is Bliss' 'was put together and written after trauma, tragedy and much heart-ache... I'm hopeful that our listeners will be able to relate to the music in a similar vein it was written. We have paved the way for a new creative alternative rock sound so follow the rebirth of a new Nightblade.'
Nightblade are Mark Crosby - vocals; Sam Morse - guitars; Tim Cutcliffe - bass; Rich Lawley - drums.