Julie Sassoon & Willi Kellers - Waves - CD2

Julie Sassoon & Willi Kellers - Waves - CD2

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'It's not easy to describe Julie's and my music because I'm part of it. Maybe like this: It's made and played simply, without
complicated compositions or intricate, virtuosic improvisations, just music from 'heart to heart.' It's chordal, melodious, rhythmic, full of exotic timbres, Piano, voice, steel drums, kalimba, conventional jazz drum kit. And hovering
above it all…is singing. We sing in duo, or alone…as we feel it. Courage and relaxation, pauses of bearable and unbearable length
which resolve in an eruption or really li-ttle-ve-ry-qui-et-me-lo-dies. A sound, a whistling remains… All comparisons are meaningless and just an attempt to quantify the duo. Challenging music that touches the audience. To me, that
is jazz' - Willi Kellers. Julie Sassoon (piano); Willi Kellers (drums & percussion)

Tracklisting: Disc 1-Live In Munich: 1. If You Ever Change Your Mind / 2. Twilight / 3. The Unfortunate Miss Jones / 4. Pygmy Song / 5. Soulplay.
Disc 2-rbb Session: 1. The Cormorant