Jakob Illeborg - Once Upon Tomorrow - CD/LP

Jakob Illeborg - Once Upon Tomorrow - CD/LP

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Today, Jakob Illeborg is best known as a TV host and journalist, but for years, eyes and ears were on him in another arena. In his
younger days, he was the lead singer of Warwick Avenue, the London-based Danish band who played concerts around much of the
world and released albums on the storied American record label, Columbia Records. After shifting his focus to journalism for several
years, Jakob Illeborg is going all-in on music once again, a move marked by the release of his debut solo album Once Upon
Tomorrow, which was recorded over the course of several years in Denmark and the UK.
One of the things that makes Once Upon Tomorrow stand outfrom other current releases is its unique ‘live’ sound and energy.
The lyrics are all in English, with one exception, and are made up of both story narratives and personal reflections. The album was
mixed by the acclaimed Flemming Rasmussen, with Illeborg producing.
Jakob Illeborg (vocals); Kristoffer Sonne (drums); Anders Christensen (bass); Nikolaj Torp (Hammond organ); Rune Funch (guitar);
Jakob Dinesen (tenor sax); Kasper Tranberg (trumpet); Mads Hyhne (trombone); Glenn Scott & his Choir.

Tracklisting: 1. Emotional Botox / 2. Goodbye Mary Jane / 3. White Lilies / 4. Well Of Tears / 5. What A Crying Shame / 6. Because / 7. Goddess
Of Chance / 8. De Var Engang / 9. Let's Fly Away / 10. Red Black And Blue / 11. When The First Stone Is Thrown / 12. Something Borrowed