Jakob Dinesen - Keys & Strings - CD2

Jakob Dinesen - Keys & Strings - CD2

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When the prominent Danish tenor saxophonist Jakob Dinesen’s album Yasmin was released in 2014, it attracted more than just the usual attention.
Danish jazz reviewers voted the album 'the best of the year' and described the release as 'ballad music with a magical sense of empathy… the most
beautiful and most complete Danish jazz release in a long, long time' (Jazz Special). Audiences and venues welcomed the project with open arms
and ears.
Keys & Strings continues where Yasmin left off, in a repertoire consisting of standards and freshly written originals. Jakob Dinesen says that his goal
has been to create a poetic universe and clean, honest, emotional, expressive statements in which the individual compositions have been allowed to
determine the personnel. It’s music where each song is a meditative journey without compromising the double-album’s wholeness. It’s music that
almost physically surrounds the listener – a saxophone breath that leaves room and space for the other participants, whether with a trio, quartet,
strings, or symphony orchestra. 'Dino' (as he is known to friends) interprets the pieces with such a contagious calmness that in the liner notes Eddie
Michel compares it to a musical version of the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi, whose main principle is a quest for inner peace and mental and
emotional balance.
Jakob Dinesen is one of the most essential and versatile jazz musicians in Denmark – almost hyperactive at times, always in demand, and with his
horn never far from his side. It’s only natural, then, that he has become the player tasked with reviving the role of the great ballad interpreter. His
agile and expressive saxophone playing, paired with an ear-tickling rhythm section, a string quartet, or the otherworldly sonics from keyboards,
makes Jakob Dinesen’s Keys & Strings an exquisite listening experience.
Jakob Dinesen (tenor sax); Carsten Dahl, Heine Hansen, Darin Pantoomkomol (piano); Nikolaj Torp Larsen (keyboards, effects); Anders Christensen
(bass); Morten Aero, Jakob Hoyer (drums); String Quartet: Andrea Gyarfas, Karen Johanne Pedersen (violins), Sidsel Feher Most (viola); Samira
Dayyani (cello) & Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tracklisting: Disc 1-Keys: 1. Homely / 2. Hope / 3. Thaya / 4. Smuk / 5. Hugso / 6. Free Eddie / 7. Konge Og Bajads / 8. First One. Disc 2-Strings: 1. Spring Is Here / 2. Milton / 3. Nicolai Smuk / 4. God Bless The Child / 5. Hugso / 6. Charlie Haden's Sound Of Love / 7. Dance On Roses / 8. Everything Happens To Me