Jah Wobble - Dream World - CD

Jah Wobble - Dream World - CD

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'Dream World' features nine brand new tracks that are in part inspired by Frances Truffaut, the sights and sounds of London, Brighton, and Manchester and an unexpected visit the legendary bass player made to the Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport.
This is an album that effortlessly brings together all the craft and expertise that is synonymous with a man that's enjoyed a musical career that spans over forty years. A stunning collection of mainly instrumental compositions, the tracks here encompass funk, classical and jazz to reggae and an electronic sound that recalls the post punk sparseness of 'Metal Box'.
Recorded over the last few months in his home studio, this is very much a solo recording, although Wobble does enlist the help of his Invaders of the Heart keyboard player George King on three tracks; 'L'autoroute Sans Fin', 'Havana' and 'Dream World'.


1. A Chunk Of Funk / 2. Havana / 3. Cuban Dub / 4. Dream World / 5. Strange Land / 6. Stepping Hill / 7. On Steroids / 8. L'autoroute Sans Fin / 9. Spirits By The Thames