Jacqui Dankworth - Back To You - CD

Jacqui Dankworth - Back To You - CD

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Widely regarded as one of the finest singers of her generation, Jacqui Dankworth presents her new album 'Back To You', a stunning collection of originals and selections from her favourite songwriters including James Taylor, Randy Newman and Sting.

Already established as one the country's leading jazz vocalists – her voice has been described as 'remarkable' by The Times – Jacqui's new album showcases her unique versatility and effortless mastery of a wide spectrum of genres, drawing on folk, soul and blues, as well as her acute sensibility as a songwriter and lyricist.

1. The Secrets Of Life / 2. Underline Our Love / 3. Every Time It Rains / 4. Rushing On / 5. One Friend / 6. Change Your Mind / 7. (Walking) Back To You / 8. I Was Brought To My Senses / 9. Prayer For Peace / 10. Beppo / 11. Please Answer / 12. Galileo