Holly Cole - Steal The Night - CD & DVD

Holly Cole - Steal The Night - CD & DVD

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After many albums and concerts in Canada, the US, the Far East and in Europe, the celebrated songstress from Canada finally presents a live concert performance on CD and DVD. It stands as a many things at the same time – among them a nice encounter with a hometown audience on home turf, also a reunion of the original Holly Cole Trio featuring pianist Aaron Davis and bassist David Piltch. The band is completed by Davide Direnzo (drums), John Johnson (reeds) and Bob Piltch (guitar). But mostly 'Steal The Night' stands as another demonstration of Holly Cole’s immense talents as a performer – highly musical, profoundly intelligent, exquisitely intense.
The 'Steal The Night' event took place in August 2011 and this recorded document was released in Canada only six months afterwards. Finally, it’s coming out in Europe as well. As the concert was organized with the utmost attention and care, the result is filled to the brim with quality – technical, musical and emotional. Singer and band present a repertoire that include favourites from all stages of Holly Cole’s career - 9 songs on CD, 11 on DVD, excluding an additional live track in the DVD’s bonus section next to fundamental biographical info about all players and three fascinating documentary films ('Holly In Japan' / 'The Trio' / 'Coming To Toronto').
'Holly In Japan' talks about the special love affair between the artist and her Japanese audience. The Far East has embraced her from the beginning, she is considered a role model for modern 21st century women, smart and strong, sexy and romantic.
Documentary 2 'The Trio' is a recollection of the early days of the Holly Cole Trio in Toronto. Holly, Aaron and David remember their early days of playing together, the first mutual steps as a unit, the phenomenal sense of surprise when falling into a mutual 'thing' almost accidentally - as it was meant to be.
Finally, 'Coming To Toronto' is adding a very important group of people to the picture: The Cole Family. Parents Leon and Carolyn Cole plus older brother Allen Cole, music people all of them. They reminisce about the daughter / sister they knew and still know. They also tell loving and humorous stories of days gone by.