Devo - Live 1980 - CD - Released 19/11/21

Devo - Live 1980 - CD - Released 19/11/21

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Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 17th July 1980 WBCN-FM

Cult electronic art-rockers Devo were on a return journey to their homeland having thrilled a few thousand onlookers across Japan, the UK and Europe whilst promoting their (then new) third album Freedom Of Choice – Unveiled at this high fueled performance at the Orpheum Theater on 17th July 1980, for broadcast on WBCN-FM.
A perfect example of the momentum that typified their live act sparing little time for anything other than a relentless assault of the visual and aural senses. Nurtured classics such as Be Stiff, Mongoloid and Jocko Homo establish their uncompromising will with an assured, artistic defiance. The twinned assault of synthesizer fusing punk-rock and art was anything but synthetic, it made America’s music scene vibrant, exciting and significant again as it had once been in Memphis and Detroit.
1. Freedom Of Choice Theme
2. Whip It
3. Snowball
4. It’s Not Right
5. Girl U Want
6. Planet Earth
7. SIB
8. Secret Agent Man
9. Pink Pussycat
10. Blockhead
11. Satisfaction
12. Uncontrollable Urge
13. Mongoloid
14. Be Stiff
15. Gates Of Steel
16. Freedom Of Choice
17. Jocko Homo
18. Smart Patrol – Mr. DNA
19. Gut Feeling – Slap Your Mommy
20. Com Back Jonee