Glenn Miller's Band Of The AAF - The Arrangers: Ralph Wilkinson - CD

Glenn Miller's Band Of The AAF - The Arrangers: Ralph Wilkinson - CD

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When Captain Glenn Miller unveiled his new service orchestra in 1943, it was immediately evident that this was going to be much more than a copy of his civilian band in uniform. Gone was the standard dance band format - in its place a mighty concert orchestra of majestic proportions with a repertoire to match.
This CD focuses on the major contribution made by Glenn's third composer, arranger and musician, Ralph Wilkinson. Enlisted into the US Army Air Force in May 1943, Wilkinson was quickly earmarked to be part of Miller's new musical organisation. He had come to the Captain's attention as a staff arranger for one of the masters of popular light music, Andre Kostelanetz, whose radio orchestra was heard regularly over the American CBS network. Under the guiding hand of Captain (later Major) Miller he was to play a crucial part in integrating the lush sounds of the new string section into the full orchestral arrangements and for introducing new voicings. His subsequent charts were to include some that are
regarded today as all-time Miller 'classics' - 'Stormy Weather', 'Body and Soul', 'Summertime' and, perhaps above all, 'Stardust' - one of the finest interpretations ever by this or any other orchestra.
Tracklisting: 1. In The Gloaming / 2. For The First Time - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 3. People Will Say We're In Love - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 4. Stardust / 5. Star Eyes - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 6. Pistol-Packin' Mama - vocals: Ray McKinley, Carmen Mastren and The Crew Chiefs / 7. How Sweet You Are - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 8. My Heart Tells Me - vocal:Johnny Desmond / 9. In An 18th Century Drawing Room / 10. My Ideal - vocal:Johnny Desmond / 11. Embraceable You / 12. I Love You - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 13. Suddenly It's Spring - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 14. Stormy Weather / 15. Speak Low - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 16. Summertime / 17. Amor - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 18. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / 19. The Music Stopped - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 20. Body And Soul / 21. Indian Summer - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 22. Laura - vocal: Johnny Desmond / 23. Oranges And Lemons - vocal: The Crew Chiefs / 24. My Romance / 25. Laura - vocal: Bill Raymond