Chris Connor With Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Connor Sings - Kenton Swings - CD

Chris Connor With Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Connor Sings - Kenton Swings - CD

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Chris Connor was born as Mary Jean Loutsenhizer in Kansas City, Missouri, to Clyde Loutsenhizer and Mabel E. Shirley. She became proficient on the clarinet,
having studied for eight years throughout junior high and high school, but it is as a highly proficient vocalist that she was to become known.  In February 1953, when Connor was singing on a live radio broadcast from the Roosevelt Hotel, June Christy (then vocalist for Stan Kenton's band), was listening to the radio and heard her. By 1952, Kenton had rotated several female singers as replacements. In late 1952, Christy returned to the Kenton band for some sporadic engagements. When she informed Kenton again of her impending departure to pursue a solo career, she remembered Chris Connor and recommended her to Kenton. Connor auditioned and began touring and recording for the Stan Kenton band in February 1953.
On February 11, 1953, Connor recorded her first sides with the Stan Kenton band. Her first song, 'And The Bull Walked Around, Ole', peaked at No. 30 on the
Billboard music charts. Other songs recorded with the band were 'Baia', 'Jeepers Creepers', 'If I Should Lose You', 'I Get A Kick Out Of You', 'Nobody Knows
The Trouble I’ve Seen' and the song that would forever be associated with the vocalist, 'All About Ronnie'. Additional songs Connor sang on the road (but
never recorded with the band in studio) were 'Taking A Chance On Love', 'Don’t Worry About Me', 'I’ll Remember April' and 'There Will Never Be Another You'.

Tracklisting: 1. Theme - Artistry In Rhythm / 2. Jeepers Creepers / 3. Everything Happens To Me (Short Version) / 4. There Will Never Be Another You / 5. You're Mine You / 6. I Only Have Eyes For You / 7. September In The Rain / 8. All About Ronnie / 9. Love Me Or Leave Me / 10. If I Should Lose You / 11. Tenderly / 12. I'll
Remember April / 13. Taking A Chance On Love / 14. Everything Happens To Me (Long Version) / 15. Lullaby In Rhythm / 16. Don't Worry 'Bout Me / 17. Stan Kenton Speaks About Chris / 18. Darn That Dream / 19. Closing Theme - Artistry In Rhythm