Chick Corea Band - Live Under The Sky '80 - CD (Released 20/08/21)

Chick Corea Band - Live Under The Sky '80 - CD (Released 20/08/21)

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The Chick Corea Band featured here is a high energy quartet plus saxophonist Sadao Watanabe. In fact, the concert feels at times like a showcase for the world's preeminent Japanese jazz musician who was very much a local hero. The music is electric jazz with heavy Latin and funk elements rather than high concept fusion. Bunny Brunel on fretless bass and Tom Brechtlein on drums were Corea regulars at the time and the addition of legendary (even then) percussionist Don Alias makes this 1980 Live Under The Sky performance something special. Performed at the Denen Coliseum, Tokyo, Japan, 27 July 1980 and broadcast on NHK radio.
Chick Corea - piano; Bunny Brunel - bass; Tom Brechtlein - drums; Don Alias - drums; Sadao Watanabe - saxophone.

1. Nice Shot / 2. Someday My Prince Will Come / 3. 500 Miles High / 4. Piano Solo