Candice Night - Starlight Starbright - CD

Candice Night - Starlight Starbright - CD

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For the past 18 years, Candice Night has been the ethereal voice and face of the highly successful band ‘Blackmore’s Nightʼ that she founded together with guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore. Inspired by the birth of their two children, Candice is now releasing a solo album containing 13 timeless, beautiful songs for young and old.

When her children Autumn and Rory were born, Candice sang songs to them each night to lull them to sleep and each morning so they would awaken with the wonderful sound of song. When she spoke to other mothers who wished they could sing to their own children but didn't have the confidence in their own voices to do so, Candice decided to create this CD. The 13 songs on the CD are far more than traditional lullabies though, and much more 'songs to dream to'…also for adults. Hence the album contains amongst others beautiful interpretations of John Denver’s ʻAnnie’s Song’, Kenny Loggins’ ‘Return To Pooh Corner’ and ‘Baby Mine’ from the classic Disney film ‘Dumbo’. On a number of the tracks, Candice is accompanied by the thoughtful guitar-playing of her husband Ritchie Blackmore.
The CD contains two bonus videos to ‘Once In A Garden’ and ‘Lullaby In The Night’.