Bruce Springsteen - The Day I Was There

Bruce Springsteen - The Day I Was There

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This book features over 250 accounts from fans who have witnessed a Bruce Springsteen live show. From late 60s concerts in New Jersey right through to his marathon three hour plus shows from recent times.

Fans from the USA, UK, Australia and Europe share fascinating anecdotes, stories, photographs and memorabilia that have never been published before and tell us about their experience of one of the worlds greatest live acts.

“Bruce Springsteen had his say in his Born To Run autobiography. Now it’s his fans’ turn in this lavishly illustrated, memorabilia-festooned treasure trove of chronological reminiscences of encounters and concerts from Child (aka Steel Mill) shows to this year’s Broadway residency… there are some draw-dropping tales. Surely this is the very book Springsteen might wish to read about himself.” Classic Rock Magazine