Aerosmith - Live In '87 - CD

Aerosmith - Live In '87 - CD

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Riding high on the immense success of Permanent Vacation (1987) and its’ three hit singles; Dude (Looks Like a Lady), Angel and Rag Doll, their November 16th appearance at the Hampton Civic Center, VA, broadcast on WLUP-FM, showed the rock world that more than merely re-inventing themselves, Aerosmith had found themselves again.
Steven Tyler looked and sounded energised and acutely focused dipping into the incredibly rich repertoire they had released up to that point in their career.
Aerosmith’s overall contribution to music is of course, undeniably outstanding, but it is also the quality of their early work and their continued enthusiasm that compels audiences and listeners the world over

1. Toys In The Attic
2. Same Old Song & Dance
3. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
4. Big 10 Inch Record
5. Lightning Strikes
6. Rag Doll
7. Back In The Saddle
8. Last Child
9. Draw The Line
10. Rats In The Cellar
11. Dream On
12. Sweet Emotion
13. Walk This Way
14. Train Kept A Rollin'/Outro