Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers (2018 Bonus Reissue) - CD

Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers (2018 Bonus Reissue) - CD

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2006 was an extremely difficult year for Angry Anderson and the band, as both guitarist Pete Wells and ex-bassist Ian Riley tragically died within the space of seven months of each other, and the title of their album released in 2007 is a heart-felt tribute to both of them. The raw, bluesy rock ‘n’ roll of the 11 tracks is unmistakably Tatts, and slide guitarist Dai Pritchard does a more than admirable job of filling in the gaping hole left by Pete Wells.

10 years down the line, this great album is now being reissued with 6 live bonus tracks…and the band – Angry Anderson (vocals), Dai Pritchard (guitar), Bob Spencer (guitar), Mark Evans (bass) and John ‘Watto’ Watson (drums) – are going on their European Blood Brothers Tour 2018, kicking off in June.


1. Black Eyed Bruiser / 2. Slipping Away / 3. Once In A Lifetime / 4. 1854 / 5. City Blues / 6. Sweet Meat / 7. Man About Town / 8. Creeper / 9. Standover Man / 10. Nothing To Lose / 11. Lubricated / 12. Man About Town (Live Bonus Track) / 13. Black Eyed Bruiser (Live Bonus Track) / 14. Once In A Lifetime (Live Bonus Track) / 15. Sweet Meat (Live Bonus Track) / 16. Standover Man (Live Bonus Track / 17. Nothing To Lose (Live Bonus Track)