Dead Kennedys - Live '79 - CD (Released 20/08/21)

Dead Kennedys - Live '79 - CD (Released 20/08/21)

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It was clear from the start that the Dead Kennedys were not your average band. Jello Biafra's lyrical themes were overtly political, attacking President Ronald Reagan, the Klan, big business, and such with a glorious sense of raging sarcasm that owes some credence to such wild luminaries as Lenny Bruce. Their appearance at the Earth Tavern in Portland Oregon in November 1979 was a rare step out of their native CA when Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables had just made the stores and Holiday In Cambodia was only just hitting the decks. It's an early line-up with an early setlist and it's all about to kick off!
Timeline proudly presents Dead Kennedys live from the Earth Tavern, Portland, OR in 1979 on their tour in promotion of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables. Professionally remastered original WPRO FM broadcast with background liners and timeline photos.

1. Kidnap / 2. Dead End / 3. Your Emotions / 4. Kill The Poor / 5. California Über Alles / 6. Gaslight / 7. Police Truck / 8. Saturday Night Holocaust / 9. Back In Rhodesia / 10. The Man With The Dogs / 11. Ill In The Head / 12. Holiday In Cambodia / 13. Chemical Warfare / 14. Rawhide