What first flipped your switch musically and why?
Madness. There were skinhead girls with Chelsea hair cuts on the insert of One Step Beyond.I had just hit adolescence.They got me very excited. I'm still blown away how a band so young could create such insane layered arrangements. Classic after classic. 
What do you remember about taking that first step with the band? How hard
is it to get what you're hearing in your head not only onto tape but to
translate it via the band? 

The first steps of Wonk were a blank sheet. I had zero intention of making punk rock again. The genre was dead to me after the rock n rock car crash that was The Flying Medallions. That punk sound was just so done,so stale to me. I hadn't made any of my own music for a while but I somehow ended up in a rehearsal room with 2 far superior musicians. We started playing some songs i'd written and BAM, this shit sounded so fresh. Like "Descendents" fresh. Mez (who has since risen to the top of the drum game playing for the likes of Madness and Van Morrison amongst others) simply played the songs as they should be played. Nothing forced. I believe in never forcing songs. Let them be as they want to be. I guess that's why our albums have such variation in them. I'll never  push a tune to be a punk rock thrasher if it's soul has a country vibe running through it. We never over play or complicate for the sake of it. I'm always honest to the original concept of the song. Honesty first.
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